Should you teach music at school or at your own time?

Music has evolved over the years and it has dramatically changed from the medieval style of compositions and playing to an electronic based kind of musical approach. In the past music was all about learning the musical notes and more importantly all the accomplished musicians back then knew how to read and interpret sheet music. Good examples of legendary composers are the two world famous German composers Beethoven and Mozart. In terms of artistic expressions they contributed so much to the world of music and yet the list is endless, with a large number of artists from Germany and other European countries. There is a phrase that is popular in literature circles “Rome is burning while Nero plays the fiddle” and it was particularly meant to signify the end of the Roman Empire since the burning of Rome was the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire.

Ironically, though the fiddle was not invented by then but the statement offer relief to the musical aspects of the fall of the Roman Empire. Well, that is a bit of musical history, if we fast forward to the 20th century we have the electronically produced beats and rhythms that are fast paced as the generation that creates and subscribes to them. Of course there are still a handful of music lovers who still prefer the classical music elements. It is easier taking up guitar lessons with a street taught guitarist, who probably learned how to play the instrument through YouTube and from some of his/her skilled guitarist buddies. –