Top 5 Notable Female Musicians with Great Hair

For an eminent persona, hair is the most important part of the charm. Especially when it comes to the musicians, the type of hair they keep symbolizes what kind of music they produce, and being trends setters, fans follow all the styles they put on. The most notable female musicians with great hair are the ones who make their looks compliment their music. The rock ones have the funky cool hairs, while the classics keep the long, trendy ones.

Here is a list of top 5 notable female musicians with great hair:

1. Beyoncé

The most popular music icon, Beyoncé, has it all sort out. The time to time changes in the hair styles has made her one of the top trend makers in the fashion world. From the tight braids to the loose curls, and from the waves to long straight colored hair, the celebrity knows the art to keep people fantasized. It’s one album with the 60’s effect and other with the accessorized hair. If anyone categorizes the notable female musicians with great hair of the time, this one deserves to be one top.

2. Avril Lavigne

The singer is one of the best female vocalists and does rock music and pop punk. With this type of image, she has managed to keep hair that compliments her looks and music both. Even though she radiates the gothic look with, she still looks amazing.  She finds a way to make sure that she doesn’t have greasy hair which I’m sure she uses shampoo to keep clean in order to look amazing at ever show.  The celebrity is sometimes seen in sharp bangs and other times she chooses to add bands of the hair color. The great thing about it is; the hair always looks great and goes with the type of songs she sings.

3. Katy Perry

Pursuing her career with pop and rock music Katty seems to love switching hairstyles. She is noted to have some really appealing hair styles from bangs to colored hairs that all goes with the music and adds beauty to the baby looks.

The musician is bold about her hair and have time to time changed it to 360 degrees. Shifting from short bangs to straight blue the singer has served to be a fashion icon for many.

4. Rihanna

No one’s unfamiliar to the dramatic looks of the populous hip hop musician, Rihanna. The woman has got the wild features, and she uses her hair to add to it more. The fashion world largely follows her stunning straight short hairs with the red streaks, and the side shaved cut she is keeping now days. People love nothing more than a dynamic figure who got the right vocals and personality to follow.

5. Taylor swift

The fairy tale singer, Taylor swift has made an image of the classic and trendy girl that is loved by the teens. From the straight front bangs to the classic Cinderella curls that she probably gets from using a curling wand, the musician has made up her image as the girly girl with the pretty voice. The singer has kept her hair in compliance with the sweet melodies and the soft music so most of her fan following is noticed to be the young teens.

The celebrities are the trend makers, and the industry demands them to change over time to allure people as the changes allures fans more than anything. Getting the hair style changed effects the personality of the celebrities largely, and that’s what keep them alive in the industry.

How to Find a Voice Coach

If you have a passion in music or singing, attending a few lessons with a vocal coach is always a good idea. The biggest hurdle to most musicians is being able to support their voices. A voice coach teaches you how to properly breathe so as to overcome this problem. By following the right instructions, you can largely extend your vocal range that goes a long way into improving both your singing and speaking voice.

Vocal trainers specialize in different types of music. This means that before you begin your search of a coach; make sure you have decided why you need one. If you are a singer, decide on which type of music to pursue. You might tend to ask why? This is simply because a pop vocal coach will teach different techniques that an operatic voice coach. So, if you are not singing pop music, immediately rule out a pop music coach.

Studio or Home: Best Place for Lessons

Taking musical lessons can be a great way of starting a career in the music industry, although the lessons might be useful as form of expressions for lovers of music and the organs that form part of the music. There are various places that an individual may take music lessons. There are schools that have been set up dedicated to learning contemporary instruments such as electronic guitars and the Pianos. For a music teacher the choice can be between taking the classes either at home and establishing a music school. On the other hand the diversity of music schools allow for various modes of learning including online classes with scheduled practical lessons with the tutor.

In fact there are numbers of music software that makes music lessons simpler either in the classical or contemporary element. One of the factors that would determine the choice of station for the music lessons include the number of student in the classes. For one when the school has a large number of students they have to be in classes since it beat logical to attend home scheduled music lessons with each of the individual students. Each of the modes of study has its advantages and drawbacks. For one when the music lessons are held in the studio there is a more serene environment for learning since the area has been set up to handle the various lessons.

Should you teach music at school or at your own time?

Music has evolved over the years and it has dramatically changed from the medieval style of compositions and playing to an electronic based kind of musical approach. In the past music was all about learning the musical notes and more importantly all the accomplished musicians back then knew how to read and interpret sheet music. Good examples of legendary composers are the two world famous German composers Beethoven and Mozart. In terms of artistic expressions they contributed so much to the world of music and yet the list is endless, with a large number of artists from Germany and other European countries. There is a phrase that is popular in literature circles “Rome is burning while Nero plays the fiddle” and it was particularly meant to signify the end of the Roman Empire since the burning of Rome was the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire.

Ironically, though the fiddle was not invented by then but the statement offer relief to the musical aspects of the fall of the Roman Empire. Well, that is a bit of musical history, if we fast forward to the 20th century we have the electronically produced beats and rhythms that are fast paced as the generation that creates and subscribes to them. Of course there are still a handful of music lovers who still prefer the classical music elements. It is easier taking up guitar lessons with a street taught guitarist, who probably learned how to play the instrument through YouTube and from some of his/her skilled guitarist buddies. –

How to become a music teacher

Perhaps the best way an individual can become a music teacher is through attaining a music education degree. However, before an individual can become a music teacher it is important to evaluate the kind of talents they have coupled with a passion for music. Music is one of those subjects that require an individual to be one with every rhythm of the notes and movements it arouses. Music can be poetically described as an art that feeds from within but is expressed through an “alive” moment. So without passion the music will die down in your genes and subsequently in your students. With that said a music education degree is very important. So how do you acquire a music education degree?

If the process should be divided into stages, most definitely they will be about four of them; locating the school, make applications, pass the auditions and then go through the training program. As stated earlier music education degree is demanding course that will require an individual to combine musical skills together with the formal education. Once they graduate from this program they can become educators or music teachers. The course is not offered in many universities but an individual can begin training from a lower level college. In most cases the music education degree program is offered by the combined effort of the education and fine arts. It is important to ensure that the choice of school is suitable in terms of quality of education offered. – See more at: